Balancing Content Strategy and Implementation

Twitter Tonight - CMAAt 8pm GMT this evening, content marketing expert Chris Marr will be talking live about Effective Content Marketing.

You might remember Chris from episode 8 of 99% Perspiration; and if you haven’t heard it, it’s worth checking out.  Content Marketing, also known as inbound marketing, is quite a new word in the world of marketing – the basic idea is bringing customers to your business through getting content out there, even if your business has nothing to do with content generation – and you couldn’t pick a better guide than Chris Marr.

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Click here to listen to Chris Marr on the 99% Perspiration podcast

“My philosophy is is if I can get more people thinking about content marketing and their business, then that helps me grow my business, and that in turn helps grow their businesses too.  I’ve built a community around what I do; who in the world is interested in content marketing, and passionate about their business, and how can I pull them in closer?” Chris Marr, the Content Marketing Academy

Chris will be joined by two of The Content Marketing Academy 2016 speakers – Amy Schmittauer and Bert van Loon.

“We’ll be having an open discussion about how to be an effective content marketing practitioner and balancing the ‘doing’ with strategic planning.”

Which, let’s be honest, sounds perfect for people like me.  I genuinely sometimes feel like I’m stumbling around, but these guys can help you funnel that creativity into a plan to make your content marketing strong, focussed, and directed.

Amy and Bert are both content marketing experts and in the hour we have together you will have the opportunity to not only listen in, but be a part of the conversation by asking your questions and having them answered live.”

You can join Chris and the Academy live for free by clicking here and subscribing – no email address is required.

So, the guests on today’s content marketing talk at 8pm GMT:  Amy has been running Savvy Sexy Social since March 2011; a web show helping rising stars and personalities produce their brand authority.

amy-schmittauer.jpg“The sooner you start to create lead-generating value, the sooner you’ll be seen as an authority in your industry: the key to continuing to drive leads so you’re always growing the business.”
Amy Schmittauer, Savvy Sexy Social

And, with a background in the publishing industry, Bert now specialises on helping businesses reform themselves around an open relationship with their customers – and he’s had a ton of experience since launching his independent strategy and concept practice in 1997.

pasfoto2.jpg“As an independent strategist, I work with companies of all types, as well as agencies and networks of independent specialists.  The theme is always the same: how to create more and more intense relations between organisations and their audience.”
– Bert Van Loon, Independent Strategist

And if you’re living in the UK, and interested in attending an award-winning conference, marketed as the only content marketing conference in Scotland, then you should consider checking out their upcoming event in June.  The conference promises to bring together a network of talented content marketing professionals under one roof.

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And, as always,
Stay productive, stay awesome!

Jay Sykes
Executive Producer, 99% Perspiration

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