thomas-alva-edison-67763_1280.jpgGenius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.
– The late, great Thomas Edison

mark stuart bell copyIn 2014, writer & researcher Mark Stuart Bell produced a couple of hour-long radio programmes; interviewing creative professionals to share their stories.

Mark has since found a full-time job with MCC Media, part of a team making TV programmes.  Mark wanted to help people, to inspire people, but couldn’t find the time to make it possible.

nyf-gold-award-jay-sykes-circle-crop1In 2015, Mark approached audio producer & university tutor Jay Sykes to take on the baton, and since then Jay has been hard at work building up 99% Perspiration to what it is today.

“We believe, like Edison, that having a good creative idea is just the start.  What follows is a lot of hard work, determination, and perspiration.”

Now, 99% Perspiration has just begun its 2nd season; available for free on iTunes & other podcast players.

We want to give you that 1% inspiration, but it’s up to you to take care of the rest.

Facebook Community
A space for you to share your creative projects and content & connect with creatives from around the world.

Twitter – @99Podcast
On Tuesdays, at 7pm GMT, we hold #99PodcastHour – a chance for you to become part of a creative shout-out hour & share your creative content with other creatives around the world.  We will retweet you from our accounts; all we ask is that you help by retweeting others too.

Instagram – @99Podcast

Subscribe on iTunes
99% Perspiration has amassed over 12 hours of audio content; all instantly accessible, and entirely free to stream/download.

One way we support ourselves is by offering lovely lovely merchandise – you can be the proud owner of our t-shirts and laptop bags, mugs and scarves, phone cases and notepads, hoodies and tote bags…  We won’t stop you!

A lot of time/energy goes into making 99% Perspiration.  We pay Libsyn for monthly podcast hosting (they come highly recommended), we pay annually for this website domain – not to mention the free coffees/transport we offer creatives who kindly say yes to be interviewed.

We need people like you to make 99% Perspiration possible.  If you can’t afford it, that’s fine, but if we’ve helped you on your creative journey and you’re in a position to give something back, we’d love it if you could buy us a coffee.

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com


Read all the way to the bottom?  You’ve earned yourself a cup of tea.  Ahhh 🙂

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