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“This podcast is fantastic if you are in a creative industry and need advice on how to take your ideas forward and turn what may be a hobby into a career. Highly recommended!”
– James Pywell, JP Media

“A highly encouraging insight into the creative industries. 99% Perspiration has a brilliant structure with a variety of voices from all walks of the creative world. It has become my weekly remedy for the mid-week slump. This podcast inspires, informs and innovates and I highly recommend it for amateur and experienced creatives alike.”
– Matthew Winter Watson, Writer

“The perfect podcast if you’re looking to get into the creative industry or if you’re just a creative person in general. I love the advice that’s given from a bunch of industry professionals and the way the podcast is structured around these pieces of advice is brilliant. Can’t wait for the next episode! 10/10 would listen again.”
– Mypie65

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Student Radio Awards 2015

99% Perspiration - @99Podcast

Click here to listen to our entry to the Student Radio Awards 2015

In August 2015, we entered this compilation into the Student Radio Awards 2015.  We didn’t receive a nomination (although my radio drama SeaBurn did, and was awarded with a Bronze award), but we still were lucky enough to receive some feedback from radio industry experts.  Here’s what they had to say:

“This is a very well planned podcast and, judging from this entry, has some very good insights for the target listener.

Making a podcast truly engaging hinges on a number of factors.  I believe the premise, production and the presentation are key to a great podcast.  The premise here is good, the production is solid and the presentation is ok too.  As a result this is a good informative podcast – but it’s not yet a stand-out podcast.

Where podcasts like Serial have succeeded is in stimulating the listener’s imagination and curiosity.  Part of this has been done through great story telling and part of it through great production values.

The talent that is evident in this podcast suggests that the ability exists to elevate the production values and to present the well researched and collected material in a more creative way.”

Deputy Managing Editor, Capital East Midlands


“I think this is a relly good idea for a podcast – it was well produced and has a good mix of stories in it. I wasn’t sure who all of the people talking were – it would have been nice to hear who they were and what thier job was.

Going forward I think it would be nice to hear from sudents who listen and find out how their careers are going.

There are always going to be listeners who will benifit from a podcast like this – keep up the good work.”

Freelance Producer