Northern Bear Films: How to Retain Viewers on YouTube

Northern BearHello, Creatives!  Our latest series of blogs comes from the lovely folk at Northern Bear Films, an award-winning creative film & media company, focused on creating and sharing entertaining stories.

Since launching in 2012, Aman, Jerome & the team have delivered projects for local to national brands, including names such as The National Trust, Creative England, and the British Film Institute.

13214814_10154220040238552_722453080_oToday, John Reed walks you through ways to keep your videos’ viewers on YouTube; when there’s so much content on thousands of other channels they can check out instead, why should they stay on your YouTube channel?

“For YouTube, eye catching thumbnails and intriguing titles hook viewers. Those are two crucial factors for a successful YouTube video, but what happens when people finish watching that first video – do they leave?  Don’t let them leave.  Just how your thumbnails and titles have combined to form the ultimate click bait, so should the rest of your channel and videos.

“Recently in the search for some YouTube tutorial videos, I found and clicked on one of Tim Schmoyer from Video Creators, thanks to the interesting thumbnail and title.  When it finishes do I leave, no.  I discovered another video with content related to what I’ve just watched with equally interesting thumbnails and titles.  Tim knows if I watched this video I will most probably be interested in a whole host of others with similar content, done through a means of playlists and recommended videos.  Even during his video he makes references to relevant content on his channel with links making it easy to find and access.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 14.10.45“I’ve gone from clicking on just one video, to watching several and pretty soon the subscription is added, going from I’ve-never-heard-of-this-YouTube-channel to subscribing how his videos in a matter of minutes.  By keeping me addicted to the next video, he’s got several views at one time.  Once you get them there, keep them there.”

Keep your eye out for more content on 99% Perspiration from Northern Bear Films, or check out their website/material.  For more tips & tricks on making the most of your video content.

And, as always,
Stay productive, stay awesome!

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