“Never Apologise for Existing on Stage”, and other Lessons from Theatre School

“We’ve had emotional days, and intense days.  There’s no room for ‘I wouldn’t say that’, or ‘I wouldn’t do that’.  A drama degree is naturally going to be stressful.”

On the brink of graduation, preparing for the “next stage”, three University of Sunderland BA Drama students share advice for emerging actors.

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How to Create an Audio Drama Series on Little-to-No-Budget

13321115_10156963692510481_1794294579_o.jpgby Pete Lutz

So you say you’re a creative type who has always wanted to put together some kind of artistic endeavour that will enthral the masses and make you big bucks at the same time?  Well, that’s really quite wonderful, but I’m sorry, you’re reading the wrong article.  No, this is for somebody who is desperate to provide a bit of entertainment to anyone who may listen, and to create that entertainment on an absolutely near-invisible shoestring budget.

Actually, this is more of a story about how I did it, and there are some steps here that I don’t recommend for everybody, but you should still know everything.  Well, almost everything.  I won’t bore you with all the sleepless nights I spent weeping over it like it was my own child.  Oh.  Looks like I just did.  So, why not read on?


Audio dramas are stories that are told so well that the listener can see it like a movie in his mind.  It’s your job to come up with that story.  You can do what I did, which is create an anthology series called Pulp-Pourri Theatre (each episode a standalone story with a beginning, middle and end), or you can go the way of a serial and have several episodes with a longer, drawn-out story.  The choice is yours, and you should go ahead and write the outline for your series.  No, go ahead.  I’ll wait right here until you’re done.  Got any magazines?

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Zombie Fest

Hello, Creatives!

Tonight at 8pm, “Zombie Fest” arrives at The Point in Sunderland in all its bloody glory, with the unveiling of a new “secret” zombie movie.

It’s written by the Sunderland’s own super-talent that is Terry Deary, writer of Horrible Histories, and promises to be one you don’t want to miss.

And if you want to follow in their (slow, deteriorating) footsteps, the cast and crew are holding a live panel discussion about how to get into independent filmmaking. – You can join them this tomorrow at 2pm.

A couple of my students in one of my classes at the University, Megan Gorman and Rhys Somerville interviewed three of the flick’s actors live on air today, including Bafta winner Stuart Brennan.

But even if you’re not going, their interview is full of gold advice if you’re interested in making movies. (Thanks for that, guys.)

And until next time,

Stay productive, stay awesome!