An Insight into Branding

A couple days ago, I had a creative chat over coffee with a new company called R.Branding.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 21.44.29.png

“Branding is a process that can help distinguish a company from its competitors, increase customer relationships and create lasting impressions on the minds of your market.”

“We drank too many cups of Joe (in a place owned by a guy called Joe), talked about merging some creative projects, and enthused about logos together.  Specifically, the Olympics logos.

And when I say enthused, I mean really, really enthused.  I don’t think I’ve had a conversation that passionate for quite a while.  All three of us loved how the London 2012 was so divisive, distinct & entirely original.  And I had absolutely no idea that the Rio 2016 logo also looked like a mountain in Brasil as well as three people united in their love of the games.  (Seems obvious now, huh?)


See the blurry photo below?  Sat opposite from me & my freelance filmmaker friend Robert Carr are two thirds of R.Branding – Charlie Layzell and Ryan Booth.  They’re truly inspiring guys, and you’ll be hearing a lot more from all three them on both the 99% Perspiration blog & the podcast in the future…


But now, over to R.Branding, and their low-down on why branding is key to any business, and how to make the most out of any brand.

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WTKieran!? – It Gets Better

12899791_10206255264964173_1892789150_nHello, Creatives!  Every once in a while, I like to post content by other creative people, especially emerging talent.  (I should say, if you’re interested in sharing your creative posts on the 99% Perspiration blog, I’m but a message away, via Facebook or Twitter.)

Kieran Brannan is a guy I know from university; I’ve not taught him, but seen him around Spark FM, the community radio station we volunteer at together.  And now, he’s graduating straight into a BBC position; a runner with BBC Scotland.

Well, I’ve long admired people who can post content about their emotions in connection with their creative self so freely; take a look around the posts here and you’ll see only positivity from me.  It’s not a defence, exactly, it’s how I want to present myself online.

So Kieran took part in today’s #99PodcastHour (every Tuesday, 7pm – 8pm GMT) and shared this;

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 22.07.05.png

Kieran’s called his post “It Gets Better”.

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#FundMyArt – Jamie Benson

“How do you fund your work as an individual artist?” – asked dance blog Stance on Dance.  And Jamie answered.

You might remember Jamie Benson from episode 14 of our podcast (if you haven’t heard it, please do, it’s one of my favourite episodes, all because he’s not afraid to tell it like it is!)

Well, Jamie has made a Funding 101 for dancers/choreographers, although it’s applicable to anyone looking for funding.

Jamie Benson

Jamie Benson

Why trust this guy?  Jamie’s probably one of the given his years of experience in writing grant applications for various organisations – his LinkedIn profile is extensive – so he knows some of the pitfalls and tricks that various individuals and groups face when looking for funding.

And that can be a daunting prospect for a lot of creatives, right?  Even if you’re used to it, it’s time-consuming, doesn’t offer a guaranteed pot of money, and full of hoops to jump through.

He quickly takes you through commissions, how to enhance your website,  fiscal sponsors, what to be wary of in grant applications, persistence in crowd funding…

Jamie Benson on “7 Way$ to Fund Your Art”.

For more on Jamie Benson, here’s his website, and for dancers/choreographers, we recommend you sign up to his marketing newsletter – especially if you live/work around New York City.

Finally, I’ve posted this on our website before, but here’s another snippet of solid funding advice; Jan Williams from the Caravan Gallery (an art gallery on wheels which tours all over the UK), on how to write successful funding applications;

NYF Gold Award Jay Sykes - circle crop.png
And, as always,

Stay productive, stay awesome!

Jay Sykes
Executive Producer, 99% Perspiration

Zombie Fest

Hello, Creatives!

Tonight at 8pm, “Zombie Fest” arrives at The Point in Sunderland in all its bloody glory, with the unveiling of a new “secret” zombie movie.

It’s written by the Sunderland’s own super-talent that is Terry Deary, writer of Horrible Histories, and promises to be one you don’t want to miss.

And if you want to follow in their (slow, deteriorating) footsteps, the cast and crew are holding a live panel discussion about how to get into independent filmmaking. – You can join them this tomorrow at 2pm.

A couple of my students in one of my classes at the University, Megan Gorman and Rhys Somerville interviewed three of the flick’s actors live on air today, including Bafta winner Stuart Brennan.

But even if you’re not going, their interview is full of gold advice if you’re interested in making movies. (Thanks for that, guys.)

And until next time,

Stay productive, stay awesome!

Movin’ On Up, (Nothing Can Stop Us)

A couple things of note before tomorrow’s Episode 10. (Yes that’s right, we’re about to hit the big ONE-OH! I’m tremendously excited.)

There are now two new ways to get involved or get in contact with 99% Perspiration.

First up, I’m starting to archive the previous episodes on the video giant that is YouTube. Take a look and let me know what you think of the format? Anything you’d like to be improved? I welcome any and all feedback.

And secondly; here’s news I’m even more excited about… We now have a Facebook Group, “99% Perspiration – Creative Community“. At the time of writing we’ve got about 70 people involved, and I’m hoping that over time the group can build to become a network of creative and artistic people –  to swap ideas and feedback, to help promote and share each other, and maybe even form strong working relationships.

I decided to set up a group based on Episode 8’s advice from the content marketing genius that is Chris Marr, from and the Marketing Academy Podcast.

Anyway, I do hope to see you in the group! And until tomorrow’s podcast…

Stay productive, stay awesome!