Movin’ On Up, (Nothing Can Stop Us)

A couple things of note before tomorrow’s Episode 10. (Yes that’s right, we’re about to hit the big ONE-OH! I’m tremendously excited.)

There are now two new ways to get involved or get in contact with 99% Perspiration.

First up, I’m starting to archive the previous episodes on the video giant that is YouTube. Take a look and let me know what you think of the format? Anything you’d like to be improved? I welcome any and all feedback.

And secondly; here’s news I’m even more excited about… We now have a Facebook Group, “99% Perspiration – Creative Community“. At the time of writing we’ve got about 70 people involved, and I’m hoping that over time the group can build to become a network of creative and artistic people –  to swap ideas and feedback, to help promote and share each other, and maybe even form strong working relationships.

I decided to set up a group based on Episode 8’s advice from the content marketing genius that is Chris Marr, from and the Marketing Academy Podcast.

Anyway, I do hope to see you in the group! And until tomorrow’s podcast…

Stay productive, stay awesome!

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