Behind the Sound Design – Stuart Russell

Meet audio producer & poet Stuart Russell – the second in a mini-series of posts, dedicated to the audio producers & artists whose work will be showcased at Solo Arts’ Audio Cinema night, Tuesday 2nd May 2018.

Stuart‘s work is inspired by film, fine art, nature and poetry.  His main goal is to be as creative as possible, telling stories in new ways.  He is keen to experiment, & endeavours to create visuals from sound; instigating the listeners’ own imagination.

“The highlight of my career so far has been meeting the Queen.  In 2014 I received a British Empire Medal and British Citizen Award for services to the arts.”

Currently studying an MA in Radio at the University of Sunderland, Stuart has recently begun an experimental podcast series called Poetical; where original poetry meets creative sound.

Stuart‘s contribution to Solo Arts’ Audio Cinema night, “The Brain Garden”, delves deep into Stuart’s mind, exploring key events & memories from his life – from pre-existence, to the fear of death. It is a mind framed by poetry, song and sound; “the poetic sanctuary in all of our minds, the place we nurture memories.”

stuart russell sound artist poet eyebrow media“In making The Brain Garden, initially it was hard to open up.  It forced me to examine difficult experiences in my past and talk about it to an audience.  However, pushing myself to go through this creative process ended up being a form of therapy and helped me come to terms with who I am and to appreciate that all difficulties end.”

Stuart hopes Solo Arts’ Audio Cinema event will provide him with honest feedback on his work, and give an opportunity for him to experience an audience’s immediate reaction to the topics his work explores.

“I hope my programme makes people stop and wonder.  I hope it allows them to appreciate the sound of their own mind and individual memories.”

Click here to check out Solo Arts’ first Audio Cinema event: “Where Arts Meets Audio”. – Tuesday 2nd May 2018.

Solo Arts Audio Cinema: Where Arts Meets Audio

Want to check out the other artists / audio producers whose work will be showcased?  Here’s audio producer, DJ & music enthusiast, Larnie Moles.

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