Welcome to the “Alumni” page!  If you’ve been particularly enthused by one of our guests on the podcast, here’s the place where you can find out more about them.

You can read some of their stand-out advice, find out about their latest developments, and follow links to their websites and social media channels.

(We’re currently under development, please bear with me. But it’s going to be lovely when it’s all revamped. Thanks, Creatives!)

Jamie Benson

Alex Burgess

Gillian Casson

Joe Collins

Rute Correia

Ross Coverdale

Michael Davidson

Kylie Ann Ford

Diane Gray

Bridget Hamilton

Clare Jenkins

Richi Jones

Iraa Kaddcha

Corinne Kilvington

Rachel Kershaw

Jason Legget

Sinead Livingston

Laura Lucas

Dan Makaveli

Chris Marr

Eleanor McDowall

Gem McNair

Caroline Mitchell

Alan Parkinson

Donna Petch

Sean Rameswaram

Iain Rowan

Bryan Talbot

Ben Tompkins

Erin Turnbull

Anne Tye

Allan Verth

Jan Williams

Adam Wilson Holmes

Luke Withington

Johnny Woods

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