Community Radio Awards 2016 – ArtyParti

A happy little announcement from our sister radio programme.

Hello Creatives, Jay here.  Personal opinions are abundant below, but only because I’m so proud of my friends and colleagues.

community-radio-awards.jpgEarlier this week, the nominations for the Community Radio Awards 2016 were announced, and my community radio station Spark FM has received 11 nominations, across 9 of the 16 different categories.

One of those nominations, “Arts & Creative Radio of the Year“, is for one of my projects, ArtyParti, a weekly radio show on Spark FM which “celebrates participatory arts in the north east”.  (You can take a listen below:)

Although I usually keep the show separate from this 99% blog, I wanted to help share our show’s success online.  Meet the ArtyParti team:

170D2383Jay Sykes, academic tutor and MA Radio graduate from the University of Sunderland, has been lead presenting & producing ArtyParti since it began in July 2015.

“I’m utterly delighted for Spark as a whole, but particularly for ArtyParti’s nomination as “Arts & Creative Radio of the Year”. How thrilling to see our arts programme recognised on a national level as an invaluable part of Sunderland’s arts and culture scene. It’s a testament to a year of hard work, and to the importance of community radio to bring people together.

“Every week, we invite artists and creative practitioners from various pursuits into the studio to discuss important issues which relate to the arts and cultural landscape in the north east, and to promote their work and achievements.

“I am thoroughly looking forward to the awards evening; mostly to meet other key community radio players from across the UK.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 14.40.47.pngSinger/songwriter Sinead Livingston, graduate of BA Community Music, was a regular presenter on ArtyParti throughout 2015, and an invaluable member of the team.

“I just feel proud to have been a part of ArtyParti, and to have seen it grow into the diverse and supportive show that it is today. It’s given me, and many others, chance to collaborate and grow, and to network.”

caroline_mitchell.jpegArtyParti’s executive producer Dr. Caroline Mitchell, Senior Lecturer in Radio at the University of Sunderland, originally proposed the programme as a collaboration with the participatory arts networking and support body ArtWorks-U.

“I am delighted that ArtyParti has been nominated in these first community radio awards. Since it started, the programme has been a platform to air the concerns and passions of people using the arts to connect with communities in many different settings. At a time when the University and City are doing so much to encourage people’s participation in the arts, ArtiParty is a weekly reminder of the creativity happening on our own doorstep.”

rj.jpgAlso attending the awards evening, ArtyParti’s presenter RJ Phoenix is a current University of Sunderland MA Radio student. A keen sound designer, RJ has been using ArtyParti to form collaborations with other creatives locally.

“I feel very honoured that ArtyParti has been nominated for “Arts and Creative Radio of the Year”, particularly given the amazing work community radio does across the country. Community radio gives extraordinary people in ordinary settings a voice – not only a voice but an opportunity to develop their confidence and to be heard.

Arty Parti is just one show amongst many in community radio that has enabled people to explore, develop and share their creativity; and through this, to further enhance their lives and those around them in their community.

Both RJ and Jay will be heading to the awards evening on 10 September.

“I’m really excited to meet other people passionate about community radio and, in particular, to talk to the other producers in the same category,” RJ says. “ArtyParti is a relatively young show – we have a lot to learn from others about developing our show and other creative outputs on Spark.”

Anyf-gold-award-jay-sykes-circle-crop1nd, as always,
Stay productive, stay awesome!

Jay Sykes
Executive Producer, 99% Perspiration

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