Your Work Experience Experience: Gemma Hirst, ITV Tyne Tees – Day 2


Before day 2 at ITV, Gemma sent this photo & said “it’s an orange blazer day today” 

Here at 99% Perspiration, we want to make sure that you make the most out of your work experience placement, so we’ve asked a few key bloggers to document their “work experience experience”, and share it with us; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Emerging journalist & writer Gemma Hirst is currently Culture Editor with Kettle Mag & final year Journalism BA student, but yesterday she shared her day 2 vlog post with us – about her work experience with ITV Tyne Tees.

Gemma shares her experience of video production, under the wing of Tom Sheldrick; what was it like shadowing a new skill at ITV?

To find out more about Gemma Hirst, you can visit her blog, and check back with 99% for Gemma’s next vlogs.

Want to share your work experience opportunities with us?  We’re keen to share your stories; get in touch viaour Twitter, @99Podcast.

nyf-gold-award-jay-sykes-circle-crop1And, as always,
Stay productive, stay awesome!

Jay Sykes
Executive Producer, 99% Perspiration

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