Tag, You’re It – Could Racial Tagging in the US be the End of Creative Careers for Muslims?

Hazfah Zamir - 99 redux– Words by Hafzah Zamir 

Dear Mr. Donald Trump,

Hello, my name is Hafzah, and believe it or not…  I am a Muslim.  Back in the day you would have probably considered this as another trait of mine, but in today’s era, it’s apparently socially unacceptable.

Currently studying Public Relations at the University of Sunderland, I have always had a love of anything creative; from drawing, to painting, to writing, to theatre, to be honest the list could go on.  However with Donald Trump potentially enforcing tags on Muslims, if he is to win the upcoming elections in the USA, could this stop me and millions of other Muslims pursuing the careers that we have dreamt of?  And, more importantly, the careers we have worked hard on for years?

We all have labels, and nothing is wrong with that.  It’s just how society figures out a system.  It defines who we are.  Male or Female.  Our age.  Social class.  Religion.   However tagging a whole group of people for the actions by a few…  Don’t you think that’s kind of insane?  I mean, I thought my headscarf was already doing that for me, but apparently not.

By the way, Mr Trump, did you know that Islam is an Arabic word that when translated means peace?  We are literally the religion of peace, and killing an innocent person is the major sin, so imagine what the Quran says about genocide.  Those people who are attacking and saying they’re truly, peacefully Muslim…  They’re not.  Just because they shout Allah hu-akbar you come to the conclusion that they represent Muslims?  Anyone can say those words!  What’s funny is you can ask any Muslim about the consequences of killing another being, or even pick up the Quran, and you’d know the truth.

I will not let you ruin my creative career.  I have worked long and hard to get into the creative industry on my own and be that one step closer to achieving my ultimate dream.  To become a successful Muslim woman.  To ensure society doesn’t see Muslim women as deprived.  Have you even considered the fact that with Muslims becoming tagged, this could result in us becoming jobless, increasing your poverty crisis…?  Just a thought.

Dear Mr Trump…  You clearly have other issues that are more important, and I will fight to the very end to ensure that I make what I have worked on for over half my life a success.

My name is Hafzah.  You will hear from me again very soon; creative, strong, and always fighting.

– Words by Hafzah Zamir 

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