99% Extra – Bryan Talbot talks Wonderlands: the UK Graphic Novel Expo

If you love graphic novels, and live in the North East, you’ve probably heard about tomorrow’s Wonderlands expo – the first graphic novel expo in the country. It’s set to be a fantastic day of talks about graphic novels, with a rich plethora of industry voices offering advice and insight about the future of the medium.

Bryan Talbot

Click here to hear from Bryan Talbot

Bryan Talbot, renowned creator of Granville, The Adventures of Luther Arkwright & Alice in Sunderland – Bryan tells us about why he is looking forward to the expo, and how budding graphic novel authors can benefit from coming along.

If you want to hear more from Bryan Talbot, his journey, and helping young writers, he’ll be telling us more about his journey and offering advice on next week’s podcast (which you can find on iTunes from Wednesday at 6pm) and for more information about tomorrow’s Wonderlands expo, head to www.wonderlands.org.uk

It’s About Time!

We’ll be the first to admit – it’s easy to be lax when it comes to your online presence and content marketing. Too easy. Can you believe we’ve produced a weekly podcast for three weeks now, and not made use of our website?! Well, no longer!

Welcome to the brand new website for @99Podcast. If you’re reading this, you’ve joined us right at the conception of 99% Perspiration (or just scrolled back far enough to see this post, you clever person you!)

At our centre is a weekly podcast with advice from today’s creative industry experts, FOR tomorrow’s – we exist to help people who want to work in the artistic/creative industries.

But we want to be more than just that! This website exists to give added value to the podcast – if you want more from us, then there’s more to us than just half an hour of your time a week!

So watch this space for…

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And to kick off, here’s the latest episode of @99Podcast


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