Chloe Lawrence: Opportunities for Emerging Artists

Thanks to Ryan Watson of Juice Festival for allowing us to repost their interview.

Being interested in working in the arts is a thing that can be really confusing to be interested in.

It’s really easy to volunteer for something, or get involved with a project here and there, those things are really valuable and a lot of fun to do.

But eventually it gets to the point where you start to wonder what you can do next. How you can draw on those experiences in order to help yourself progress? It’s something I wonder about and to be kind of honest, worry about quite a lot.

Meet Chloe Lawrence, programme manager at ARC. We chatted about ARCADE and the other opportunities ARC offers for emerging artists.

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Powerful Pitching & Top-Notch Networking – Ep. 22 of 99% Perspiration

Hello, Creatives!

Joanna Makepeace-Woods knows a thing or two about powerful pitching.  She gained her previous role, Talent Development Manager at the University of Sunderland, through pitching it to the staff there.  They were so impressed, so inspired, that they devised the role specifically for Joanna, and she’s been there ever since.

Click here to listen to Joanna Makepeace-Woods on 99% Perspiration

Click here to listen to Joanna Makepeace-Woods on 99% Perspiration

Now, Joanna is the Employability Manager with the university’s Arts, Design and Media faculty, and works with graduates and students to get them into the workplace.  She understands well the importance of networking, and getting your name out there.

“It’s a great feeling to know that you’ve opened a door for yourself…  You might be dying inside, but you’ve done it!”

I’ve listened to your feedback – some of you told me you wanted to hear more from people who help develop creatives, rather than just from creatives themselves; and Joanna Makepeace-Woods is just that person.

“It’s difficult, but I think you have to make time, even if it’s just an hour a month that you schedule in your diary, to touch base with people.”

Joanna also worked in multiple TV roles, mostly in the production office, so episode 22 of 99% Perspiration should be particularly interesting if you’re interested in getting more stuck in with TV.

“If you can concisely talk about something that you’re doing, people get it.  If you can do it in 30 seconds, they get it in 30 seconds.”

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