An Insight into Branding

A couple days ago, I had a creative chat over coffee with a new company called R.Branding.

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“Branding is a process that can help distinguish a company from its competitors, increase customer relationships and create lasting impressions on the minds of your market.”

“We drank too many cups of Joe (in a place owned by a guy called Joe), talked about merging some creative projects, and enthused about logos together.  Specifically, the Olympics logos.

And when I say enthused, I mean really, really enthused.  I don’t think I’ve had a conversation that passionate for quite a while.  All three of us loved how the London 2012 was so divisive, distinct & entirely original.  And I had absolutely no idea that the Rio 2016 logo also looked like a mountain in Brasil as well as three people united in their love of the games.  (Seems obvious now, huh?)


See the blurry photo below?  Sat opposite from me & my freelance filmmaker friend Robert Carr are two thirds of R.Branding – Charlie Layzell and Ryan Booth.  They’re truly inspiring guys, and you’ll be hearing a lot more from all three them on both the 99% Perspiration blog & the podcast in the future…


But now, over to R.Branding, and their low-down on why branding is key to any business, and how to make the most out of any brand.

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Adam Wilson Holmes, a Sunderland-based fine artist. His work was recently featured in a SOLO Arts exhibition at Homeside Coffee. You can find Adam’s work via his Twitter & Tumblr. and his official fine art website. [Warning: Adam’s work contains sexual content.]