Adventurous Artsy Anecdotes – part 2


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blog collage

Here’s proof of my exploration!

      1)  Radost Restaurant      2) The Museum of Yugoslav History



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Adventurous Artsy Anecdotes

Week 1: Newcastle to Belgrade

I’m Alanna and I’m originally from Newcastle.

I am currently pursuing an artsy nomadic academic lifestyle; two weeks ago I was living in Dublin and now I live in Belgrade, Serbia.



Here’s opinionated me exploring Belgrade. 

I’m a part of the last cohort of the International Performance Research Masters run by the University of Warwick, Trinity College Dublin and the University of the Arts Belgrade. In short, I study performing arts – academically, artistically, practically, and also from a curatorial perspective. Over the past 8 months, I’ve been inspired by so many wonderful artists, academics and amusing encounters along the way. I decided to start this blog to share experiences of my last semester here in Belgrade, which will be my home for the next three months before embarking upon my dissertation project.

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